am the love doctor for all your fantasy and poetic needs. Want queer characters that don’t die? Hell yeah. Want queer characters that span the whole spectrum? Hell yeah. Want queer characters that aren’t neurotypical? I’ve got your back. Do you want meaningful tales in a rich world? I’m working on it. Do you want writing advice from a professional? I am here for that. Do you want poetry? I’m also here. for. that.

My goal is to provide affordable queer fantasy books while fostering a sense of wonder and creating a new world while making a little cash from it, too, since my job pays like hell would – in chafing and horrible anxiety.

I’m working on getting a thing set up for donations, so you if you want to donate while I’m in the process of writing, I’m working on that. My books have my art and friends’ art once they go to publication. I’ll feature all art in full color on the blog.