Fragments, Recovered (Update)

Fragments, Recovered is a poetry book coming up for publication within the next month or two that focuses on loving women, loving men, and loving life in a way that borrows from new and old traditions. It also features art of my own as well as art from my personal friends and contributors.

The poetry book is finally finished as far as the actual writing of it all, meaning that somehow over the last few months, I’ve cranked out a hundred poems all at or under 140 characters. Yes, you read that right.

This book of poems, titled Fragments, Recovered, is a book of poems exploring the visual nature of poetry as well as mushing together Free Use material (I double checked all of my sources, and they’re included in the back of the book) with my own poetry and word choices. I figured if Billy Boy Shakespeare can do it, why can’t I? Copyright Laws usually… But, this book features fragments (you see what I did there) of Sappho, Ovid, Amy Lowell, Spenser, and many more, all published before 1923 or that fall in that weird time period before semi-permanent copyright that lasts for a billion years where people had to renew their copyrights and then didn’t do it.

The projected publish date is fast and loose, but I expect to be putting it up in the next… month or two? Hopefully.

This, like Songs of the Old Gods (which I’m still working on), will be published on Kindle Direct Publishing! I’m debating on price, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be a little more than the novels – probably 12-15 USD.


Here are a few illustration examples thanks to my dear friend Alexi also found on Twitter!


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